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Geo-Conquesting for Businesses

Mobile advertising utilizes location-based advertising (LBA) to attract potential customers to businesses when they are at the competitor’s stores, in the proximity of the Client's business or when they are shopping on the competitors' websites.

Businesses should implement Geo-Conquesting with their Marketing plans to pull away from their competitors' customers that are already on the market to incentivize them to buy the Clients' products and/or services when they are shopping at or nearby business, by offering them an appealing and cheaper options to attract them to their shop and/or website.

Mobile Device Location

Targeting customers based on their location at a particular moment when they are looking to buy products and services similar to the ones from the Client's Business increase the visibility by exploiting competitor’s target audience.

Geo-conquesting key advantage is to Increase Brand awareness when possible customers are already looking/shopping for similar products, services, brands that the Client's Business sells while increasing its Market Share and recognition against established Businesses and Competitors.

The Second main advantage of Geo-Conquesting is to use competitor’s presence on the market for the Client's Marketing campaign and visibility while offering its products and services at cheaper price and by reinforcing the the Client's Business with positive reviews and by using the highest prices and the bad reviews of  competitors for the Client's Business Image and Reputation.
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Combine With Geo-Fencing Strategy

To optimize the Geo-conquesting strategy, Businesses should combine it with Geo-fencing, a marketing strategy that makes Businesses visible locally and that targets possible customers with ads within a virtual perimeter based on the stores actual locations.

The result is Marketing Budget optimization that increases the available budget by selecting the right target audience in a targeted area thus increasing the ROI on each euro of spending.

Then after the Business has consolidated its presence in the selected area, it can start to expand to the next target area, this optimization will save to the Business the risk of spending all Marketing Budget at once and making it possible to build the Business Expansion progressively in one area at the time.
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Setting up a Geo-conquesting campaign

Marketing specialists will use Both Google Adwords and Facebook for such targeted advertising campaigns, by setting the Business location/s starting with a minimum target radius of one kilometer.

Marketers will then target everyone who is within the selected area and/or passing by, thus increasing Business visibility on a daily basis when people are going to work or shopping at the competitors and or at nearby shops.

Once the setup of the location targeting is completed, the Marketing Experts will create customized Ads based on the Client's business, products, services and Brand and by comparing and analyzing how the competitors are promoting their business, products and services, to create a Marketing Strategy to make the Client's business appealing to the competitors' customers.

Additionally Marketing Strategies like Promotion Ads and some form of incentive will be implemented to encourage the competitors' customers to come to the Client' Business or to purchase on the Client website with targeted offers.

By targeting possible customers where they shop, and in locations where they are likely to pass by and browse the internet, Marketers will engage them with ads thus increasing the Clients' Web traffic and Business Visibility using the Competitors' Businesses as Marketing locations.
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Geo-Conquesting with Mobile Apps

Geo-Conquesting can be utilized via Apple store as well as Google Play store, with the Client's Business Web app for their Business to attract customers from nearby locations through push notifications.

For example businesses can target customers shopping in nearby stores or on competitors’ websites, by making Ads discounts on the same products, services, brands by sending them push notifications, with an a countdown timer attached to the offers to encourage the shopper to make a quick decision.

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