Cyber Security Measures
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Cyber Security is an Essential Feature of Online Business

Running an Online Business and building an E-commerce Website increase exponentially the expansion and revenues for Businesses, but most of the time Businesses overlook the Security of their E-commerce as well as their Website.
It is increasingly challenging and complex to Businesses to store and to keep their own data as well as the sensitive data of their Customers safe without the support of IT experts.

Web security is key to protect Businesses from hackers and cyber-attacks that increase the Businesses Risk and the potential loss of revenues.
A successful hack can lead to the spread and escalation of malware attacks and other cyber-attacks, like ransomware, that can affect and irreversibly damage Businesses networks and IT infrastructures as well as spreading computer to computer increasing the collateral damages.

Ensuring E-commerce security is extremely important for both our Clients and for their Customers because every website is a target, using the most advanced Security Technologies, Security Protocols and keeping your software up to date is the best way to secure your website and to attract new clients!

Our Mission is to increase the Businesses as well as the User awareness to avoid the risk of web security attacks while implementing the Security Protocols and Software necessary for our Clients for their Online Businesses.

The Business Risks of not having proper Cyber Security

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Without proper security, Businesses put their brands, and their Customers, in fraud or identity theft, financial theft of credit card details and the locking of the Businesses as well as Customers’ accounts.

Monetary fraud, breaches in security or data damage resulting in unwanted costs, collateral damages, loss in revenues and seriously harming Businesses Brand’s reputation are just few of the possible scenarios of not having proper Cyber-Security.

Cybercriminals attack more often SME (Small Medium Enterprises) than larger companies because their general security is weak, not up to date or non-existent because of their limited Budget and size, in fact SME websites, from our own experience and as reported by Web security companies are under constant threat and bot attacks.

Once a breach happens, it is very difficult to get back Customers and even harder to get new ones because If Businesses do not spend money to fix insecure websites, Customers will not feel safe purchasing on them.

Safety is the most important service that Businesses must guarantee to their Customers because it means that the Businesses are taking care of their Online Security and the safety of their Customers.

After a successful Cyber-attack Websites and E-commerce platforms will be used by the hackers to steal and to infect employees, suppliers, visitors and Customers, thus leading to possible lawsuit and huge economic losses and irreversible Reputation damages.
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Cyber Security Solutions

cyber security https protocol business webstars web agency in amsterdam
1) Secure Web Host and E-commerce platform with built-in security protocols for optimal and complete protection

2) HTTPS and SSL Certificate
A Website is secure when it has HTTPS protocols enabled on the website address and Security should be the most important feature of an E-commerce Website.
It encrypts the data between the Website and the User’s Web Browser, making it unreadable for everybody, with the exception of the Business and the Users.
SSL certificates should be implemented by Online Businesses for their E-commerce websites to secure their Business Data as well as for Payment Security.

3) Customers as well as Payment Data must be stored on Third party websites/payment providers
In order to guarantee the safety of the Customers’ Data if a Cyber-attacks happens, the best option is to not store any of the Customers’ Data on the Business website unless it is necessary.

For payments, we advise to use third-party Payments Providers, encrypted payments systems because they are safe, they are completely secure and they do not leak any sensitive User as well as Customers’ Data.
Payment Providers should be selected by considering the compatibility between the E-commerce Web host and the Online Platform.
4) To keep always up to date the Software, the Website, the E-Commerce and the Plugins. IT experts will take care of the updates because not only updates are automatic, sometimes they need to be manually updated or an intervention of an IT specialist is required.

Experts will download and integrate plugins, tools, apps directly to the Business website and online E-Commerce platform when they are available to avoid fake add-ons that can implant malicious protocols on the Business Website as well as to fix the corruption of some protocols because of some errors in the updates or in the downloading of the software.

We suggest implementing the same Security Measures for the Businesses’ Computers so that the IT network is safe and up to date to avoid internal cyber-attacks that can spread to the Online Business as well as to the E-commerce.
cyber security https protocol business webstars web agency in amsterdam
cyber security https protocol business webstars web agency in amsterdam

5) Regularly Data Back Up
Backing up the E-commerce Data as well as the Website is important to protect Businesses and Customers’ Data from Data loss, Cyber-attacks, ransomware, Data corruption and many others.

Regarding Data backup, the best approach is to back-up Business Data regularly at any time and when a new software and/or website update has been implemented, Businesses should be backing up their Website at least once a day.
Automatic back-ups are the most advised solution so that Businesses are sure that their Data is backed-up on a daily basis and after major updates without requiring Human intervention.

6) Businesses should use a website application firewall combined with and Antivirus software to protect their E-commerce platform and websites from the majority of the cyber-attacks while guaranteeing a safe shopping environment and User Experience.

Discover the Importance of Cyber Security

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