The Importance of E-commerce

Why E-Commerce is essential for Businesses

The main Goal of E-Commerce for Businesses is to Increase Sales.

Today, In the Global economy with Global Consumers, E-Commerce is the vital component of a great Business Strategy for Business Development and Business Expansion.

The continued expansion of E-Commerce during COVID-19 has increased the competition between Online Businesses and it has changed forever the Consumer’s Behavior putting high pressure on Businesses and opening new opportunities for Businesses to compete not only locally but also globally.

The trend has now accelerated the Digitalization of the Economy, by increasing the importance of E-Commerce and moving a large number of Consumers online, a trend that will continue to increase leading to a future where at least 90% of the purchases will be online.

Startups, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) are now competing directly with larger companies that have benefited from their own online store during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

At the same time, Consumer’ standards have also increase putting increasingly pressure on Businesses, to adopt new technologies, while Amazon and other large companies have driven Consumers of all ages to expect a convenient, instant and connected experience where an item and/or a service if it is not immediately available, it will be available the following day.

Key advantages of Businesses using E-Commerce

1) Customer Analytics E-Commerce Stats and Customer shopping data

The most valuable asset of an E-Commerce website is the collection of all sort of Data that enable Businesses to refine everything from their products, services and brands to the Marketing Strategies.

With E-Commerce, the entire Shopping experience is automatic and stored on servers, with the right experts the analysis of the collected data will optimize the entire Business.

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2) Cost Reduction and Time Optimization

Starting an E-Commerce significantly lower start-up costs compared to a brick and mortar retailer that has to sustain all the fixed expenses and it saves time.

Having an online store enables Businesses to increase profitability with less risk and expenses, E-commerce is digital and allows to store the products directly into a warehouse with automated inventory that are immediately available after the order has been finalized.

The lower costs allow Businesses to be more competitive by decreasing their operating costs thus leading to significant increases in revenue margin, while expanding the Market share given that E-commerce, besides reducing costs and increasing the available capital for more investments increase the Businesses visibility presence against competitors

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3) Business Expansion in new Markets with new Consumers

E-Commerce empower Companies to scale their Business accordingly, allowing Businesses to sell their products, services and brands anywhere in the world regardless of the country and the time zones.

Having an E-Commerce store broadens the range of products, services and brand thus expanding the Businesses while increasing the number of more customers and diversifying sales.

With E-Commerce, one singular online store allows to reach millions of Consumers with a Budget that is similar to the company’s expenses for an employee.



4) The Best Marketing Tool

E-Commerce is the best marketing tool that a Business would ever have, thanks to the customized SEO that the website can use for its visibility worldwide while targeting the right Consumer Audience optimizing the Marketing Budget.

With Excellent SEO, E-Commerce will appear in the top results of Search Engines; the combination with Marketing Campaigns and Social Media will provide Business a platform to engage and build trust with their Customers through reviews and ratings, as well as keeping them informed with regular posts about products, services and brands.

Businesses increase their sales by allowing Customers to purchase products, services, brands wherever and whenever they desire.

5) E-Commerce is open 24*7/365 and it Increase Businesses’ Market Share

Due to the internet’s accessibility, millions of people across the world can view the E-Commerce at any time, allowing a faster Business Expansion at a lower cost while reaching larger audiences.

The greatest advantages of E-Commerce compared to the regular stores is the Audience that is possible to reach through a website in comparison to the audience that can be reached through a physical store and local advertising.

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6) E-Commerce is all about the Customers and the Shopping Experience

Businesses control the Customers Shopping Experience, making them enjoy the Shopping Experience in the most creative ways, like convenience, time and easy interface to make them to come back.

Making the Shopping experience quick, easy, convenient and user-friendly with the possibility of multiple options and the safety of different payment methods.

In online shopping, products, services and brands are always one click away, the purchase is instant as opposed to a physical shopping experience where Customers can think about it. Thanks to E-Commerce’s convenience, Consumers can save lots of time, effort as well as money by searching for their products while easily purchasing them online.

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7) Feedbacks Improve the Visibility and the Image of Businesses

There is no better way of Marketing for a Business like the Feedbacks, Feedbacks are another Marketing tool because they show the Consumers’ confidence in purchasing a company’s products, services and brands.

Loyalty or feedback, are useful for developing new products, services and brands and also to fix defects of the products, services and brands that are currently sold online.

Additionally, enabling a direct public channel where everyone can see what they can expect from a given product, service, brand is a great show of trust in Businesses.


8) Security shows Business reliability

With changes in technology, user behaviors, and shopping patterns, Businesses will have to provide solutions ensuring the trust and safety of the Shopping Experience to their Customers.

Offering online 3rd party payment services make E-Commerce more appealing to Consumers, additionally flexible and easy payment solutions allow consumers to pay with a multitude of options, making it simple for them to buy, making Shoppers more likely to become recurrent Customers.


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