How to build an Effective
SEO Strategy


SEO strategy is the process of organizing, updating and publishing content of a website to increase its appearance rate as well as the one of the related businesses on search engine result pages (SERPs) in order to increase organic traffic.

Having a SEO strategy is key for creating customized content for products, services and brands that customers and prospective customers are looking to purchase.

The achievement and the maintenance on the top results of the search engines for a website is the main objective of the SEO while beating competitors and reaching the target audience in the organic research.

For Businesses SEO strategy is the cornerstone for the success of their marketing as well as their marketing campaigns, unorganized and old content on the website will make it difficult for the search engine bots to index and rank the website.

SEO's results will be a progressive visibility and ranking upgrade of the website on the SERPs.

Marketers optimize websites content to make them ranking higher on SERPs and gain more organic traffic. In essence, a SEO is a highly specialized content strategy that empowers a business against its competitors while attracting new customers and gaining market share.

Every business has different targets, so that the marketing department will use the SEO and the content writing to create and develop a customized marketing and content strategy by examining the business industry while determining and refining the strategies to appeal to the target audiences.

The basis for a successful SEO strategy:

1. On-page SEO: The focus is on the study of the content on the website pages of the Business and its competitors, the marketers will use the data to optimize the website's ranking after having selected the related keywords to the Business, its products, its services and its brands.
2. Off-page SEO: The links directed to the website from elsewhere on the internet will be analyzed to understand which ones are key to the website legitimacy from reputable sources in order to build trust with search algorithms.

3. Backend and IT SEO
: IT experts will study IT architecture given that a clean and linear code is key to have an optimal indexation.

The reason is both technical and search engine related. A light and well designed website is easy to manage and to upload, while Google analyzes the technical set-up as it does with the content, so that both content and IT are key for successful rankings.

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The Organization and Execution of the SEO

SEO is a process that needs to be planned and executed step by step while continuing to optimize and to research new keywords while keeping the website up-to-date against competitors on their organic search.

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1. Chronological optimization of the SEO content

On a weekly basis it is important to check old blog posts with new and up-to-date information to continue to use old posts for website ranking and indexation. Additionally it is important to update the old posts to the new business standards so that old content will appear again as new source of indexation for the search engine rankings.

2. Keywords research and optimization.

To track on a monthly basis how the website as well as its content and keywords are ranking, which products, services and brands have been searched more and with what kind of keywords, as well as to study blog posts and their keywords ranking.

This search will enable marketers to adjust the new marketing and keywords to appeal to the target audience while hitting their interests.

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3. To Edit and/or updated old content to improve indexation.

Old posts that are completely out of date can be very useful and they can be used twice.

First they can be restyled as new with the old date for the archive that contributes in any case to the overall SEO, additionally they can be rewritten by updating out of date information and statistics, incorporating new sections for more insights, with link to the old test and original data to get more referral traffic.

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4. SEO Monthly Content Plan

A monthly SEO Content Plan is key for a continuous indexation of the website and the business marketing; this strategy can be combined with the analysis of the SEO of the competitors to achieve the maximum results.

The plan can be applied to the website, the blog and the social media for maximum effectiveness; one of the major advantages of SEO content creation is that after having written the content, it is possible to adapt to all different kinds of platforms, thus amplifying the marketing reach.

SEO Research and Development (R&D)

  • Keyword research related to the Business industry, products, services, brands and competitors.
  • Creation and exploration of Content and Keywords for opportunities not used from the competitors.
  • Identify new Content as well as SEO opportunities.
  • SEO Market Analysis
  • Monthly tracking of the Marketing and SEO results.

SEO Content Strategy

Blog & Social Media

1) The blog can be very useful because from the analysis of the users and customers’ data it is possible to explore new business opportunities.

  • Search for new topics
  • Keywords creation on the new topics
  • Blog posting of the new keywords and topics
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Blogging schedule

2) The creation of a blogging schedule is key for consistency to increase the number of followers, users while boosting the marketing visibility.

Regular content posting with more keywords means better indexation and increase of marketing share against the competitors.

The same Blog strategy can be applied to Social Media, Businesses with active and responsive Social Media accounts will increase over time their visibility and marketing while increasing their online presence and digital identity.

Active and responsive Social Media as well as the Users and Customers’ engagement, will increase the trust of customers and prospective customers because of the positive reviews and the fact that the Business is investing in his trustworthiness and it is taking care of its image, branding and customers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Unlocking the Visibility of Websites

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