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Paid marketing is a key component of online Business Success and paid ads are one of the most successful and popular methods of digital marketing.

SEA is the digital marketing strategy of paying for ads in search engines, a form of paid marketing that empowers businesses to get their ads at the top of search results thus making them highly visible to searchers.

It is pay-per-click advertising (PPC) where every time a searcher clicks on the Businesses ad, the Business pay the bid amount depending on the price set by the platform e.g Google.

Price is set by companies like Google after having conducted an analysis of the bidding from businesses and marketers regarding search keywords in order to list their ads in the search results.

SEA differs from SEO because while SEA is a marketing strategy based on paid-ads, SEO focuses only on organic results based on optimized search algorithm.

SEA paid-search passed organic search is the top revenue driving method in online marketing, particularly with search ads and since these ads are based on bids, the cost of running these ads are budget customizable.

SEA achieves instant results and revenue growth in comparison to SEO with and enables quicker sales and while appearing to millions of search engine users right away.

Search engine ads generate results almost immediately after the ads have been approved and went live on search engine results pages, and given that the ads are on top of the search results, they have very good Click Trough Rate (CTR) with much faster traffic growth.

How to set an account Google Ads platform to run SEA ads on Google

Business Webstars provides a Dedicated Account Manager and team that:

1) Set- up the Google Ads account, management, and campaign management (starting and ending campaigns).

2) Create and Set-Up of the Parameters

3) Monitor campaign factors (e.g. keywords, bids, ads, landing pages etc)

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4) Adjust ads and content suggestions for Quality Score optimization and better Ad Rank.

5) Manage the Budget, forecasts and ad testing to target business’s goals.

6) Provide Monthly reports on the account performance.

7) Key words management Remove and replace low-performing, costly ad keywords to reduce inefficient ad spend to optimize the marketing budget.

In the Google system actual position and performance of ads is determined by the Ad ranking system that analyzes the bid amounts, the website’s Quality Score as well as other factors.

The Ad system will then calculate the website Ad Rank using these factors along with expected Ad performance, relevance, landing page experience, and other parameters to be set.

Bids are not the only way to get a top spot and/or to win the keyword auction because even if competitors pay more, the ad or landing page that will win the auction is the one that Google Algorithms deemed better while the Ad Rank is recalculated at every auction.

SEA marketing combined with Google product shopping results

SEA marketing Ads works as a style of ads that display items for sale directly in search results.

These types of ads look like product listings and appear in search engines typically for search queries related to products or retail items, and they function as a feature that allows users to view products from different retailers, all on one page, without having to navigate straight to individual websites.

Google offers shopping product ads only through its Merchant Center platform and there are four kind of SEA marketing ads to choose from:

1) Regular Product Shopping ads: they appear in the product listing section under the main Google Shopping tab.

2) Showcase Shopping ads: grouping related products together in Ads or in the Google Ads, marketers advert a wide range of items for a single broad search term while showing the full range of options.

3) Local catalog ads: they are customized with feed data from local stores’ inventory ads to engage shoppers on the Google Display network.

4) Ads across Google Businesses place their paid Ad across various areas of Google including image search, the main Shopping tab, Google Lens, and regular searches.

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SEA online marketing has one of the highest ROI in Digital marketing

SEA marketing, has as it was reported by the study conducted on Google SEA regarding Google’s pay-per-click, generates on average $2 in revenue for every $1 spent [1].

This 100% ROI is achieved with the fine-tuning of search ads to target specific audiences, specific keywords, in order to appear in the top three spots of search, meaning that businesses get as much as 40% of all clicks coming from search engines.

Additionally website visitors that come from SEA paid-search traffic are more likely to convert into customers, making SEA the single top revenue-driving marketing channel.

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SEA marketing is Ideal in specific marketing situations where slower types of digital marketing are not suitable and effective for quick ad fast results:

1) New Business or new website launch without brand reputation

2) New Products release

3) Product recognition

4) Seasonal events, special events, holidays, sales and promotions



5) Business expansion to a new industry niche

6) Cash flow generation

7) To promote and to generate interest in an event or a fixed period of time

8) Brand promotion and recognition against a dominant competitor

9) Multi-channel internet marketing strategy

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Why Keywords are the main component in SEA marketing

Keywords research is the core of SEA online marketing results with more accurate, higher-traffic, and less competitive keywords since ads are designed to show for specific, relevant, and more often searched, manually selected search queries.

Searchers are the core of search engines, Google’s PPC advertising system works based on displaying the right ads for the right searches and Keyword research enable Businesses and Marketers to choose which searches to select to show their advertising.

For effective PPC campaigns, these ads can be fine tuned using different data and tools like performance feedback from click-through-rate, impressions, cost-per-action (CPA) and estimated return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

This will enable marketers to customize their ads while assessing their performances and the effectiveness of the keyword research while doing an in depth keyword research by isolating high-value, intent driven keywords to optimize the SEA marketing.


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