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SEM uses paid advertising to ensure that Business' products, services and brands are visible in search engine results pages or SERPs.

When a user types in a certain keyword, SEM enables websites to appear as a result for that search query. SEM targets users and prospective customers looking for products, services and brands similar to what the Business using SEM is selling.

It is the most effective way to grow online Businesses and in order to reach new users and prospective customers it is critical to employ organic strategies to attract traffic over the long-term.

To appear on top of Google search is key for Business' products, services and brands when users are searching for them, unfortunately this is not always possible organically, particularly when competitors are paying to ensure their products, services and brands appear above others on SERPS.


Sem Strategy

When this is the case, it is fundamental to invest in a SEM strategy because potential customers are targeted with customized ads and they will be guided to the website, it is a scalable model and it grows as the business and sales grow and it is adjustable to the Business goals and budget.

SEM includes benchmarking, monitoring customer shopping experience and sales strategies, to increase the visibility of the website and the Brand with Digital Branding.

To make an effective SEM strategy it is necessary to create the SEM structure in steps, depending on the type of results expected like lead generation, brand building, brand consolidation, sales on ecommerce, and others; the steps will be gradually implemented together with other activities such as Social Media and Blogging.

Steps for a Successful SEM Strategy

1) Study of the target audience

2) Keyword Research and identification

3)  Budget

4) Geolocation

5) To Set Clear Goals and Targets

6) Use of Ad Groups

7) SEO and SEM friendly Landing Pages

8) Relevant and Targeted Ads Content to keep the Quality Score High

sem strategy business webstars web bureau in amsterdam
sem strategy business webstars web bureau in amsterdam

SEM achieves these Targets:

1)  Instant Brand Awareness in Search Engines

2) Quick Revenues Generation

3) Reaches Users and prospective customers when they want to purchase

4) Brand Recognition

5) Reaches Target Audience

6) Competitive Advantage against Competitors

To make an effective web campaign it is necessary a careful analysis and planning of the data collected to optimize the future investment and is then necessary to follow the market indicator to optimize the budget: to know how to "accelerate" and "decelerate" Ads spending based on the time of year.

SEM Results depend on the web campaign, the relationship between the interest of the product, services and brands, the investment made, the number of competitors present and active on the web and the target audience.

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Social Media and SEM

In social media advertising, ads such as Facebook Ads display to users based upon the data that the social media company collected about that individual.

This allows Businesses to target users based on specific interests, locations, buying behaviors, and more.


SEM, on the other hand, relies on keyword phrases to target people when they are performing searches on search engines and it is possible to combine with Social Media Marketing to optimize the results to build brand awareness and sales.

Usually targeted users will see the social media ads for a few days so that when they do a search, their attention is drawn to the PPC campaign because they recognize it and they stimulate their curiosity thus increasing the probability of buying something on the website of the Ads.

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The difference between SEM and SEO

SEM primarily uses paid search advertising while SEO is an organic means of generating visibility through optimizing content for search terms.

SEO and SEM function together given that SEO enables Businesses to make their website appear higher in the organic search results and it makes sure that the websites are fast and user-friendly.

Google has a Quality Score system that registers when users click then they leave the website because of a bad experience, then the algorithm charge the website more for each click.

sem management business webstars web bureau in amsterdam

SEO is the long term investment with the highest ROI, when the website appears in more searches organically, the Business can invest more in SEM on other keywords to expand the website reach.

SEM’s costs are created by platforms, for example when a business run effective SEM campaigns, Google rewards the website with lower costs and higher visibility.


Businesses that decide not to invest in their websites and their online quality will be gradually downgraded in ranking on the search results by Google, additionally Google will charge them more money when these Businesses are buying ADS.

SEM is more expensive when Businesses, in particular SME, are not focusing on long-term strategies including keeping the Quality Score up, SEO, and online business.

Nothing can drive more leads and sales faster than SEM because it comprises so many aspects of the online Business that, if implemented correctly, will improve the overall Marketing Strategy as well as the Marketing budget.

sem management business webstars web bureau in amsterdam

To combine SEO and SEM on Google Search

Google uses an algorithm to determine which web page can best answer that queries, it then ranks the pages or relevant content according to how that page can answer that question on percentage.

Google’s main goal is that users can find what they are looking for at the top of page 1 in its search results and SEO is about positioning the website so that Google determines that the website is the best to answer the users’ question.

seo management business webstars web bureau in amsterdam

Google Requirements for the Website ranking

1) Website’ Speed

2) Click-through rate (CTR) of Users on the Website

3) User interaction with the website

4) How the website answers to the users’ queries

5) User’s and Third parties’ Trustworthiness of the website

SEM solves this Google’s requirements because the Businesses bid the most searched keyword phrase and if it wins the bid, the ad will show up on page one instantly.

Additionally if the Business website is meeting most of the Google Requirements, Google can even place it at the top of the Search results if the Business had bidden enough.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Unlocking the Visibility of Websites

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