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Business Webstars provides your business with the marketing solutions to reach your expat audience.

We define the ideal buyer based on your preferences and customer data to create the marketing that will create targeted and personalized experiences for your products and services. Yes, experience is the value of what you are selling or providing.

We will target the specific group of expats most likely to want to buy your product or service, making it the right group to be targeted by marketing.

It is critical to define and segment your expat audience in order to determine the messaging that will create a need with them through the channels they prefer to purchase the products and services you are selling.

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Understanding your target audience is vital. It will define every marketing plan and strategy by selecting the right and essential marketing tools and channels for achieving marketing ROI for your business.

Building relationships and better and targeted communications will allow you to develop a targeted marketing campaign with the products and services that are in demand.
This is especially important to target consumers with personalized ads and highly targeted with personalized interactions.

1] Target your Expat Audience by analyzing:


  • Interests, in order to create customized data-driven, highly personalized marketing messaging that enables you to connect with your audience in meaningful ways that can help drive brand loyalty.
  • Purchase Intentions Define groups of people who are looking for a specific product and/or service, to create tailored messaging that addresses their needs.
  • Motives, in order to connect with them.
  • Target Audience and the Target Market

A target market is a group of consumers to whom your company intends to sell, provide services, or reach through marketing activities.

Target audience is the group or segment within that target market that is actually reached by your marketing.

2] Define your Expat Audience by:

  • Classifying the Intended Target Audience: by analyzing data from your customers, evaluating current buyers and purchase trends, and optimizing as new information becomes available.
  • Creating the ideal buyer through the following steps:
    • Analyzing Your Customer Base Data
    • Doing Market Research and by Identifying Industry Trends
    • Analyzing your competitors
    • Creating Buyer Personas*
    • Defining who is not your Target Audience

*Buyer Personas are created based on data derived from your business, digital engagements, as well as from Google Analytics.
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