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Geo Local Marketing

Geolocal Marketing

Geolocal Marketing enables businesses to boost their sales in targeted areas while increasing the efficiency of their marketing by optimizing the profits.

Geolocation marketing uses the leads and the customer's physical location to optimize the business's advertising strategy. Information on the leads and the customers' location are collected via a satellite and cell tower.

Businesses can then use that information to gain insight into the locations and spending habits of leads and customers.
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Advantages of Geolocal Marketing for Businesses:

1) Digital mapping to organize and display data for marketing budget optimization.
2) Be on the top local search results on Google increases your probability least the 50% of the users of Google Maps choose within the top 3 results.
3) Greater local visibility that means 1. Increase in local web traffic 2. Increase in foot traffic to the store 3. Increase in sales volumes.
4) Get more local Reviews to build trust in your business in order to increase web traffic and to generate more online sales.

Increase Local Business Visibility

5) Local visibility leads to an increase of at least 30% of local sales and increase the visibility to local potential customers of 50%.
6) Keywords Optimization based on target locations enhances your Business Visibility and your Marketing.
7) Content optimization based on target locations makes your business stand out from your competitors.
8) Highly geolocalized targeted audiences allows your business to connect with customers in close proximity to your selected area, exponentially increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
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Attract New Leads With Geolocation Marketing

9) Real time Data acquisition with the tracking of leads and customers check in to businesses they visit, write reviews, while using technology that monitors social media and enables marketers to collect valuable data in order to predict behavior and increase brand awareness.
10) Rewarding loyal customers via Social media increases sales and promotes loyalty via Algorithms that track the frequency of the users' visits, to create customized advertising campaigns.
11) Attracting new leads and customers, geolocation marketing targets leads and customers allowing businesses to effectively convert both foot and online traffic into new customers while also taking advantage of impulse purchasing.
12) Data acquired via geolocation allows businesses to track check-ins and acquire tangible results on customer and lead traffic and sales while improving businesses search engine rankings with geographically based review sites.

Unlock the Power of Geolocation Marketing

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